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Assigning Thinking Particles from the 'All' group randomly to others

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Anybody have any idea how I might use Expresso to get a particle cloud from a PStorm emitter to assign, at birth, particles to one of two possible subgroups?

I want to take a particle sim which is currently grouped only as 'ALL', and end up with the same sim, but the particles randomly distributed between 'GROUP A' and 'GROUP B' - probably not that hard, if you know how 😉

Any help much appreciated, thanks

Alternatively - any way to assign one of two possible materials at random to the particles in the 'ALL' Group? at birth? So each particle has a random chance of getting Material A or Material B?

That's the end goal.


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I know it's bit a late response but maybe still will be of some use.

To split stream of particles, you could use a Birth Number as a custom particles channel.

Then using math node in modulo set to 2, you can send every second particle to a different group.

Remember to set the condition node data type to Link and drop the names of your particle groups there.


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Hey there


That's brilliant, thanks a lot...I moved on and found other workarounds, but I'm Thinking Particle crazy at the moment, and this is a pretty elegant solution which I think will prove very useful in future.



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