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Need help for wrapping polygons round an object

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I have attached an image of what I have, what I would like to do is to wrap the selected part around the saucer, i have tried projecting but that does not work.

I have tried manually moving points and it looks passable but I feel there must be a better way, can anyone help?


Thank you so much.


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In this case it is so few points to move that you might as well just do that ! But you do need more segmentation along the length of the selected part so that it is able to match the curvature of the surface behind it - at the moment there are not enough polys in this to do so. Once that is done, just use regular selection tools to move edge loops back to the right place... the same equally applies in the other direction if you want to match vertical curvature as well...


If there is some reason you can't add segments to that part (ie it must remain straight relative to itself) then you should be able to just select the last 6 points top and bottom of each end and move them back instead...


Or am I misunderstanding you what you want ?


Also you have Inverse normals there you need to fix (the blue ones).



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Nah it seems like you got it spot on, I will do that, thank you very much! 🙂 

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