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Strange light marks on VRAY render

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I'm new to the Vray plugin and C4D in general.

I made this composition and i'm having some troubles with the lighting.

This strange light steps are showing on the render. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it?






Below my VRAY render settings:






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 Please take care to post in the right section, which is not General discussion. Moved to Vray section.



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Which light marks are you referring to? I'm not seeing anything strange in the screen shots.

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Here. It has these steps of light

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 19.21.08.png

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It looks like dithering. What format are you rendering? JPG? PNG?

It looks like you're also using "irradiance map" for GI. I don't think many people use that anymore, as Vray has been optimized for brute force and light cache. Set the primary to "brute force", and set the secondary to "light cache".

What settings are you using for "color mapping"?

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The format i'm using is JPG.

About the "irradiance map" you're talking about this below?


If not this, which one should I put in this? I have this options below:




My color mapping settings are these:




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Yes, that's correct. Those GI presets are old, from an older version of Vray. I haven't used them in a long time. I usually just enable GI and leave the settings as they are (brute force and light cache).


For the color mapping, try changing it to "linear multiply". Set both multipliers to "1", and the gamma to "2.2".


Try rendering it out as a 16-bit PNG, or 32-bit PSD. I believe those areas you are talking about is 8 bit dithering... at least it looks like it.

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It worked!

Thanks for the help, Vilandra!


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