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Bake displacement map into polygons

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Hi. I did a forum search for the words in the title and got loads and loads of non-relevant results. Sorry if I missed an existing thread on this.


I have a cylinder with a displacement map to create mountains and a gorge. The cylinder rotates in front of a camera to get that landscape fly-by effect. however it takes forever to render as the sub-div on the disp map is quite high to avoid the jagged polys.


So I'm looking for a way to be more efficient. I'm thinking avoiding the disp map and having just polys. But how to get there. I spent quite a while formulating the perfect look with the material. Is there a way to bake that displacement into pixels?






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Does your version have the Displacer Deformer ?



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Hey cerbera, no unfortunately I'm on a very old version. I've long since missed the opportunity to upgrade so its pay for the full version again. I don't do nearly enough 3D work these days to justify the expense. I was just playing around with C4D for a personal project.

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