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Clumps Settings on Material vs Hair Object?

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Material Settings have more control on clumps. 
May I ask what's the use case of using the clumps on the hair object (Hairs>Interpolation>Clump)? 


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Hi Ben


Hair interpolation clumps are applied by attracting the hair to the guides overriding the standard interpolation, its more simple and good for primary clumps.  Using the material as well would be applying secondary clumps.  It is the case that more realistic grooms have multiple layers of clumps. This has come to my attention more since Iv been using Ornatrix which has unlimited layers of clump, sub clumps.



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Thanks for the clarification. 
I did a quick test for both hair mat and interpolation clump enabled. 
And it indeed gave me a more appealing clumping. 
Basically, have the hair interpolation clump as the low frequency detail then hair mat clump as medium and high frequency detail. 

P.S. Also, is it possible to be tagged in a post/response? For some reason, I don't receive any notification from the forum unless I am tagged (@), 


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