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Portal Lights - Too much noise...

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Hello everyone,

When I do an interior scene I always put Portal lights, to bring more light to the scene, but they also bring to much noise. The solution is to raise up the settings in the Render settings.

In AA I put a high value, and also in DMC. Gets better.

Then I turn on the option "store with irradiance map"(in the Portal lights). Resolve the noise but than comes the blotches...

Personally I don't like to use so much the  "store with irradiance map", because blurs the image and I lose some detail. 


What I should do? Using Portal lights should be a solution and not a problem...



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A few things to try:

Set the subdivisions of the portal lights high, like 128. If they are large, set it even higher..256, 384, 512, etc. The bigger a light object is, the more subdivs it needs. Try setting them to "Simple Portal Light" type. And last, if you place them outside behind glass, you could try moving them inside just in front of glass.


Another trick with light outside of glass is to set the glass material to not cast shadows (in refraction parameters). Yes, in reality glass can cast a faint shadow. Personally, I don't think it's worth it most of the time when rendering interiors, especially in a scene with tons of clear windows. If your glass is colored, tinted, or dirty it makes sense to keep the shadow casting on, but it's up to you as the artist to manipulate things to achieve the look you want.


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