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Rearrange Cubes

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Hey all,


I hope this has a pretty simple solution.


The animation starts with cubes flying in using a fracture and a plain effector. I want it to sit there for a beat and then morph into the second groups arrangement.


 I was hoping to do this with some kind of effector. I was working a little with the inheritance effector but I couldn't get the objects to hit exactly where they need to be. The trick is both arrangements have to be very specific. Below is a very basic scene of what I need to happen.




I need the left group to morph into the right groups arrangement. I may just animate it by hand but in the actual scene there are a lot more cubes.


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Scene would help. How come inheritance effector didn't help, this is ideal setup for it 🙂

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Hey Hrvoje,

Thanks for the response man. Honestly I hadn't had a lot of experience with the inheritance effector and your post made me dive back into it. I found the Morph Motion Object check box which allowed me to achieve what I needed!


Thanks again 😄


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