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Redshift Environment and GI

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Hi everybody!

I've been busy learning Redshift in the past couple of weeks and it's been going pretty well so far. However, what I cannot get to work is the Redshift Environment actually reacting to GI. At this point I feel like the way I want to do it it's just not possible, but the documentation suggests otherwise.

I don't have a specific project that I need this for right now, but it is something I'll surely need later.


What I want to do is simply make the Redshift Environment fog to be illuminated by GI.

To me this sounds like it should work, right?

Well, I set up a testscene and... I can't get it to work. I've tried all kinds of combinations of settings and nothing produces any kind of result whatsoever. I am out of options at this point as I said, I think it's either not supported with the global Redshift Environment or there is some kind of setting I just couldn't find.


This is how the scene renders right now:


GI disabled



GI enabled


The scene look identical, apart from the obvious lighting difference on the surfaces. Naturally the fog should be not only illuminated by the lightcone, but also by the bouncing light.

What am I doing wrong? Am I thinking about this all wrong because I'm used to Octane? Is what I'm trying to achieve even possible in Redshift?


Thanks a lot.



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You need to insert RS Material with environment map (hdri), into environment slot in render settings, and turn on GI.




Clipboard 1.png

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On 6/3/2020 at 8:52 PM, DasFrodo said:

Redshift Environment fog to be illuminated by GI


If I'm understanding correctly, I don't think this is possible in Rs.  I'd recommend you post on the official Redshift forums for a definite answer.

There has recently been a major re-write of the Rs shading core to enable various new rendering tech, and I think that the whole area around 'volume rendering' is one that Rs acknowledges as weak, so hopefully this might get attention sooner than later.


- but I would definitely check on the Rs forums.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

@danijelk that's not what I'm looking for unfortunately. I don't want to light my Fog with an HDRI. 

@MikeA Alright, thank you! I'll go ask in the Redshift forums although I don't have much hope... it's not a dealbreaker though. Still having loads of fun with Rs.

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