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Hi there, I've been using c4d for more than 4 years now and I really love what it´s capable of doing. I have a fairly good knowledge of the tool and Im tryging to improve my xpresso knowledge right now. 


So here is what I'm trying to create: 

A somewhat dynamic dominoe.


I want to create an custom user data slider to control the numbering of the dominoe piece. 


Right now Im using a cloner to drive the numbers on each side of the dominoe along with a mopgrah selection tool and a plain effector to drive the numbers.


Does anyone have any idea of how to drive the count with xpresso? 


I'm attaching some screenshots to explain a little bit better. 


I'm not a native english speaker, sorry if I have some typing errors.



Thanks in advance!



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Here's some ideas for you. I made a look-up table and used formula effector to get the spots.



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