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How to bake freezed coordinate data for Unity

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I've searched all over the internet but couldn't find anything. if this was asked before sorry to all before end.

I'm trying to import a fbx file to Unity with specific coordination data. I use the built-in freeze transformation to apply the transformations that I want. But when I upload the exported fbx into Unity, freeze transformation does not have any effect. Is there a way to bake the Position, Scale, Rotation data with the fbx exporting. I've tried cinevercity's CV-SmartExport, got the same false results. 

An example scenario: A basic humanoid character. (default c4d figure) all scale values 1, rotations 0 (each part or limp), and the character facing Z+ in Unity. 

Here is what I did in Cinema 4d:

Take a look at the freeze transformation area;


Here is what I get in Unity:
as if I've never done any freeze transformation. Character should be facing Z+ and Y rotation values must be 0.


hope I could explain my problem. I don't want to switch over to MAYA just for the baking transformation option. 

you people are a great community love to be a part of it ❤️ 

PS: I'm using R21.115

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I might be wrong, but I don't think Unity has a equivalent to Freeze Transformation.  Try looking in Unity and finding where the Freezed Transformation would even be shown.  It's kind of a cheat in C4D to get the axis of object to seem like it was zero by giving it a unseen parent.  At least that is the way I think of it.  Therefore, in order to get it to transfer the freeze transformation a null could be put as parent of whatever you want to have frozen transformation.  Give the null the same position, scale, and rotation as the original before making it the parent.


I'm also a little unsure why this would be something wanted in Unity.  The final product is supposed to be imported into Unity.  If you want something like this moving in Unity give it some joints and import the joint movement.  It should move exactly the same.  Program the movement to activate when x direction is pressed and that is how running is seen.  Character animation in Unity is something to be avoided.  In Unreal there are a few tools, but I still try to avoid it.  I am unfamiliar with Unity though.  Maybe the character animation in Unity is great.

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Thanks for the reply Fastbee,

I'will try the null workflow. will keep you updated. 

the thing is it's a problem not just with the characters, but any object. For example a rock that has a specific design and has to look to a certain direction. 

getting kinda hopeless for this  😞

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Unfortunate null workflow didn't work. The problem stays unresolved 😞

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Found a workaround. Exporting the object as a OBJ file works fine.  

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