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Character mouth controller

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So I have created a little character with 13 different mouth shapes, and I want to animate this in a stop motion way.

By turning them on and off, now I can do this manually with every mouth shape, but I was wondering if there was an easier way to do this.

In after effects you can turn on and off layers with a simple checkbox and add them all in the effects pannel.

But is there a way to do this in Cinema 4D, ive looked at espresso, but I'm not familiar to with that.

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The easiest way to do that is to animate the object visbility (viewport and render) . In each shape create two frames: - default and off an then place them in the timeline where you want it.

The complex but also  more advanced way is to build an xpresso along with a menu with some radio buttons where you control all the shapes on and offs . it will require more prep time but in the end you only animate one object, wich is the menu selector.


search in google for c4d radio buttons and how set them up in xpresso. if you run into some problems ask here again in the forum.


hope it helps



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I think the way that gets closest to the After Effects approach would probably be to set up a pose morph tag with the different mouth shapes as blendshapes, which act as layers that you can turn on and off by clicking the checkbox and also blend between. You can then easily drag the blendshape controls into your viewport as a HUD and have a very fast access to the on/off settings

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Well espresso works a bit different than after effects expression does, but I found a way to connect it all to a slider via user data thingy.

So if anybody in the future need this, here is a printscreen of the setup.

Example espresso.png

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