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Just now, benek said:

@IgorYeah, I know the old OS is gonna cause me problems, but as a Redshift and Mac user, I'm not in a great place right now!

I know, but soon that should be resolved... ūüôā

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Will just say this.  I sold a Waldorf Green Machine amongst other things.. to update and find r21 with things like improved bevels. and R21 node API which hasn't been release.. no python control . will any other renderer ever actually adopt it?  Please please… all I wish is back port the full Substance support.  8 bit.  really?  in R21.  I will stop complaining.. but would be a nice gesture here. 

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@HippoDasTamusI'm not familiar with that command, what does it do?

What I've now noticed over the last 24/36 hours is that whenever I hide my lights using Editor Visibility, the navigation returns to normal, but whenever they're visible or hidden using the display filter, navigation is screwed up. Thinking about it, I haven't actually tried this with native C4D lights, just Redshift, so perhaps there's something there… It also seems to be with the Dome light, not just Area lights.


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3 hours ago, benek said:

@HippoDasTamusI'm not familiar with that command, what does it do?


I just thought it might be a problem with the pivot being set somewhere in the scene where it should not be, this has happened to me a few times now without any recognizable reason and I that was the only way I found to restore it. 

Basically it just resets the camera pivot point to default and interactive, but it sounds like your problem is of different nature regarding your last post. Might be worth to give it a try anyway

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wish the release notes and Service Pack update release notes would have alot more detail. instead of something vague like "update to calibration tag", say what the fixed,added,improved. what was the problem.. in 2-3 lines

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