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Octane consuming 900 mb of vram just by being turn on

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Hi! i think i probably messed up some settings. because now even if i start octane on an empty scene with a plane i get a vram usage of 911 mb. before this didnt happened so i believe i messed up some settings either in the renderer or in cinema preferences.


Any idea what it can be causing it? i am attaching a screenshot of the  other settings in octane, that is where i guess i could have messed up. 



Screenshot 2020-06-10 18.38.55.png

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Hi everyone,


yes i use windows 10.  i also noticed i never get over 2 gb of vram being used and the scenes get really slow at the time but i am talking of something different.



Before things used to work fine. Now i can hit render on the live viewer with a scene with just a plane with no lights textures or anything and octane would automatically consume 900 mb. And before on this same machine using an older version of octane and cinema a normal scene would use 300mb or something. Makes sense?

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Must software become bloated? How complicated with materials, etc can you get without a big change in VRAM? In other words, will 900 mb get additional data without more VRAM?

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