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Pro Renderer hardly using any system resources?!

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Dear community,


I'm using pro renderer for the first time and am quite puzzled.

Is it normal, that the renderer is hardly using any resources? CPU at 8% while cycling through the iterations.

CPU only spikes briefly to 80% when updating the scene.



AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X

GeForce 1080Ti



Thanks in advance






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You didn't show us your ProRender Settings / Options ! We really would need to see them to be able to advise properly. At the moment we don't even know if the renderer is set to use your CPU or your GPU ! However, by default it should use the GPU primarily, which would explain why not much CPU is required. I'd check your GPU performance stats at the same time...



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Dear CBR,


thanks for your insanely quick reply. Very much appreciated!! Sory for not clarifying initially, but I used unadjusted standard settings. Didn't tweak a single thing. Also, I didn't know about and didn't find the option to switch between CPU and GPU utilization... Sorry, super noob regarding prorenderer.

As for GPU: This wasn't used at all in my tests. ~2%



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Well, it's definitely using one or the other ! Perhaps upload your scene file next so we can see what our systems report trying to do the same thing ?



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So maybe just in general: If it's set to CPU (which I suppose it is in my case) it should use a lot of CPU while going through the iterations?

Like, do you see a constant CPU usage above 10%?


To clarify: If I use standard renderer for the same scene, it uses ~60% CPU. Also not sure, why it's never higher than that as well, no matter the project.

Do people get >90% CPU usage while rendering (in standard)? Is that even possible?

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9 minutes ago, Richard Tator said:

If it's set to CPU (which I suppose it is in my case)

Nope, by default it will use GPU if it can.


I have just rendered a test scene using GPU, and to my surprise, my GPU registered no more than 5% use in task manager for the entire 3 mins it was active (RTX2070S), except for that initial spike at the beginning you mentioned. I don't know why that is, but then my expertise isn't rendering. Looks like we'll have to wait for one of the ProRender guys to come along - maybe they know why that's the case ?


I shall watch this thread with interest as I too would like to know the answer to this...


RE Standard Render: Yes, several CPU cores are usually nailed to 100% whilst in render (the only ones that aren't are the ones you leave free in Preferences).



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Oh wow, glad a legend like Cerbera is curious about this as well 😄


RE Standard Render: Very interesting. My 12 cores all peak at 60% despite running my system in high performance mode (no OC though).

Could this be a setting that I'm missing, that's somehow preventing my CPU from reaching its full potentail? Found A LOT of threads online with people wondering the same thing....


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