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What do you think about CYCLES 4D renderer?

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Hello, I am using the physical render for my animations. But I can't attain photorealistic textures. Now I'll buy the x-particles and they have a discount for cycles 4d renderer. Due to fact that I am a Mac and AMD user, I can not use the redshift and octane renderer, so I can just render by using CPU. Do you advise to buy the cycles 4D? Or I have to wait for redshift and octane renderer updating for AMD graphic cards?

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Personally I liked Cycles 4D before so I can only imagine that now is even better and faster, so I would go with it for sure. Its very capable and not hard to grasp. Here is somethin I did long time ago with it:



And if my memory serves me well, Cycles 4D is optimized for XParticles more than any other renderer!

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I like Cycles4D, but when using the CPU it can be pretty slow.

I don't think you'll see much speed increase over Physical render if your using a mac, unless you have a high core count, but you will definitely be able to reach a more photo real looks with the right settings and shaders.


Best to download a demo if possible and play around to see if it suits your workflow.

If you want fast rendering, GPU is the currenty the best option, or a machine with a high core count.


I've found the realtime viewport a big help in giving a quick indication of how things will look,

I usually set the samples quite low, and set the resolution lower than HD for fast previews, then once I get closer to what I'm looking for, I make some test renders at higher samples and full HD to get rough time estimates for the final render.


Another thing to note is to render at 32bit TIFF or 32bit .EXR format, otherwise your rendered image will look different to what you see in the realtime viewport. The rendered  files can be pretty big, but you can always convert them to png after compositing.


The documentation is quite reasonable too.

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Cycles 4-d node editor is pretty awesome and the best part. Great UI and a pleasure to work with.  The latest release brought even more improvements.  Having the parameter values accessible on the nodes I think is very intuitive.  I can just have one monitor dedicated to node editor and not even have to use the attribute panel if I don’t want. 

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All of the above is very helpful. Thanks! I have Cycles and will give it another try.

But I'm here because I recently licensed C4D thinking Redshift would work on my iMac... surprise!! I doesn't! Ha. 

Does anyone have an idea of when RS might be working on Macs? 

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