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S22 Mirror Tool not working predictably. Why?

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I am having troubles with S22 Mirror Tool. When I try to mirror an Object, it will not mirror across the center line (Object Coordinate System / Y axis in Front View). It mirrors, typically right up against the opposite side of the Object itself. If I do it in World  Coordinate System, it mirror in a variety of places, almost at random, it seems, depending on where I click. 


There used to be a white line that would appear when in the Screen Coordinate System when the Mouse was clicked, and you could drag that to where you wanted the mirror to take place. Works a dream. Now I have to click to get the object mirrored, then select the new object in Model Mode and drag to to where I want it. 

I don't think that's the way it's supposed to work.


Anyone else having these problems?


I am running Catalina on the latest OS version.



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This post gives the impression that the Mirror tool works on objects, which it doesn't - only polys or points of an editable mesh.

But I have just tested all modes of that in S22, and they seem rock solid for me.


The white line is only ever available in Screen Space Transform option in the tool - the other options are based entirely on object or world axes so don't require one. However you may be confused by the other modes, and the way they work via interactive clicking in the viewport. I suggest you test it initially ONLY using the Apply button, which should behave as you expect.


But if you are in Object or World Modes and click AND HOLD the mouse button in the viewport you are able to define a point on the object that tells Cinema which side of the selected axis you want the mirror on, shown by a white cross this time.


You might have to make a video of this tool working incorrectly for you (ideally with commentary) so we can see exactly what your settings are, and what you did / where you clicked...



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