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The 3D & Motion Design Show Presentation


"Rigging and Animating Characters in Cinema 4D for the Hilarous Short, Coffee Run" with Alan Towndrow

"Cinema 4D, Redshift, and Red Giant Techniques Used to Create VFX for "Talos"" with Anthony Abbott

"Time-Saving Compositing Tips in VFX Suite (King Pin Tracker and Lens Distortion)" with Simon Walker, CSI

"Building a Crystal Cave with Cinema 4D / Redshift for the Short, "The Search"" with Ryan Talbot




For more info, follow the link  https://www.3dmotionshow.com/

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if i remember rightly, for s22 announcement mr. ceo spended nearly 20 mins. so this time 1 hour. there is something big coming? or seperated announcements for each software? well, waiting to see it

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Only caught the entire Anthony Abbott Talos presentation. It was excellent. RedShift > Substance > C4D > AE.

It's great these type of presentations are going to be a monthly thing for a while. 


Summer Sale announced for June 23rd to June 26th (72 hours) with 30% discount on annual subscriptions and Redshift licenses. This includes new Redshift perpetual license too. There will be a code released to apply on the 23rd.







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I thought it was fantastic that for once character animation within Cinema was seriously discussed on more than a "click that button to animate" level and the guy from Bomper studios was really great - I just downloaded their Colin rig and played around with it, it absolutely feels like a high grade Maya rig

I really hope this is a direction MAXON keeps paying attention to and maybe fix a few of their character animation fundamental flaws in the near time


Overall I must say that the presentation was really sympatico, I liked it very much. It feels like MAXON is getting it's stuff together more and more these days

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  • Igor changed the title to 3D & MOTION DESIGN SHOW - RED GIANT · CINEMA 4D · REDSHIFT | NEXT: July 21st

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