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Denoiser makes ProRender go black!

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Hey everyone,


I just started using S22 and I'm opening old project files from like literally a day ago which were made in R21. Everything seems to be in order, except ProRender. When it gets up to a certain number of iterations, it just renders black, and I'm unsure why. I tried restarting the project, saved it as a new file, reload ProRender...nothing.


So, I decided to do process of elimination, first thing I turned off was Denoiser and BOOM, screen wasn't black again, and I could see my scene. However when I turn Denopiser ...it turns black again so again...any suggestions.

The only difference I did was jump from R21 to S22.


I then conducted another test. New scene, entirely separate from the original project. Made some cloner objects. Some lights, ProRender is on, but as soon as I add Denoiser...darkness. Can someone please see if they all experience this bug?


In R21 the Denoiser doesn't do this, in fact...it should never do this.


Any suggestions on how to fix this, please and thank you.

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