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Boris FX Particle Illusion Standalone now available for FREE

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Boris FX just released the standalone version of their software Particle Illusion for free. More details here: https://borisfx.com/products/particle-illusion/


I haven't tried it myself yet, but apparently the entire thing is pretty much fully featured, and has almost no restrictions (even supports up to 8k ProRes). The only downside is, it's standalone only. No integration into any compositing software.


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A really fun tool.  Amazing that it is now free and stand alone.  That just goes to show how far we've come with 3D particle/fluid simulation systems as why would anyone want to use a 2D sprite based program when the results are so much better with current tools.  But I remember playing with the Particle Illusion demo back in 2007 and was completely amazed at its ease of use and power.  It was just fun to use.  I actually recommended its interface to an old trueSpace developer (Primitive Itch --- anyone remember him) to change his UI for his 3D particle system (PPFX) to follow Particle Illusions UI.  He reached out to PI's developer and got permission to change it.  


The old PI also has a built in masking tool (called blockers) to integrate particles into live action backgrounds.   That no longer exists in the stand alone version (as best as I can tell) probably because there was no need for it in on-going development when it started to get integrated into compositing tools like AE.


Here is an example image from the old 2007 version that I made (it took forever to do the masking):



Lots of fun.  Quick results...easy to use.  Definitely worth the time to check-out....if only to learn from the UI design.


Still no replacement for the ever amazing X-Particles, but it could be useful if you need a quick particle fix and don't want to go through all the steps in a normal 3D based system.







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