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MAXON summer sale 30% for 72 hrs

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IF, you are still an MSA holder there is still already a "deal" for going subscription (and keep your Perpetual of R21!) and the 30% off get stacked on top of that. I hope to find that out soon...


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I’d be interested to learn about this deal for MSA holders to convert and still be able to keep r21? I haven’t heard of this. I appreciate you letting us know what you find

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On 6/20/2020 at 9:45 AM, DMcGavran said:

If you are an MSA holder you should have an email explaining it.  If not call you local dealer or MAXON

Why not just publish the information? Is it a secret? 


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17 hours ago, rfanoni said:

Why not just publish the information? Is it a secret? 


Actually I just got an email from my reseller


A. Sidegrade for users with an active MSA...

...Your active MSA does not give you free access to Cinema 4D S22. Therefore you need to turn your MSA to Subscription, which is the new way to be up-to-date with Cinema 4D. When sidegrading your MSA to Subscription you hand in your Perpetual R21.


Doesn't look like you keep r21 perpetual to me! Confusion reigns - as it has done for the last year 😞

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seems to me that all this confusion is intentional. They had a quite some tme to clear this up or change things, but posting in a forum once in a while is not really the way to clarify things officially for a company. They didnt change a thing with comunication and they are sticking to their plan. Therefore the confusion is intentional.

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This is not intentional.   This is for new seats.  MSA customers buy a new seat, therefore has nothing to do with the MSA.   No hand in of perpetual.  They also get more than 30% because they are long standing customers.   They NEED to call us or a dealer because they need to tell us the MSA number.   There is no conspiracy.  5G doesn't cause corona.





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Maybe the confusion in this thread was someone mentioned keeping R21 along with the S22 + discount if you've got MSA.

This isn't the case at all.


License is converted from R21 to S22 but you will be able to access R21 as it's included in the subscription. 

I think up to 3 previous versions of whatever the current version is will be accessible when on subscription.


Speak to your reseller to convert to subscription and avail of discount if you have a valid MSA. Get the additional 30% applied during the time of the deal to get that bit extra off.

That's all there is to it.


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