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Weight painting a pair of shoes :(

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Was wondering if anyone on here has weight painted shoes? And has any tips on achieving smooth deformations. I have tried manually painting and auto weight, but 

still running into jagged deformations.



I did run this character through Mixamo and the shoes were really smooth when they bent.

Is there a way to copy Mixamo generated weights to other rigs?

I apologize if this is not in the correct forum. 


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As the bend needs to be across the toes the geometry topology needs to reflect this.  Now if Mixamo can produce the right combo of weighting and joint placement there should be no reason why you cant save the weighting from the weighting manager and apply it to these joints at the foot. Keep in mind the joints have to be exact where the mixamo joints where. (Axis Snap)


You can also use the new Mixamo character template to copy weights between two mixamo characters.  Use either Delta Mush free pluging, smooth defromer or in combination with PSD morph corrects to aid the defromation.



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your topology isn't very well suited to get good deformations in the ball area.

autoweights will probably never give you good enough results. start clean by painting everything to the ankle, and then use a big brush size with a dome falloff to paint in the ball area.


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Really appreciate your suggestions! Thank you! I tried both of your suggestions but still it was not working out.

I ended up saving the shoe weights from the Mixamo weighted rig and loading them to the rig I made myself, it worked (kinda)



Shoes bent.JPG

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