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Crazy IK tag deforming everything

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I'm trying to enable IK on the tag on my fish.

Everytime I do this, he stretches out one bone in his head.

It's driving me nuts. Sorry if this is in the wrong category, if so, please accept my apology and move it if that’s ok.


I’m Using vibrate to generate some movement, and without IK enabled, looks feeble.

But enabling causes massive stretching of not just the mesh, but one bone.

I thought I’d tried everything, but obviously I did nit yet find a way.


I would really appreciate any hints anyone is willing to give.
Thanks very much to the community!


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there's a lot wrong with that file, but your main problem ist the scale of the parent of your joints. it's set to 0.18, which is causing the offset as soon as you activate dynamics. 


i would recommend building everything clean from scratch, also make sure your joints are aligned correctly with z facing down the chain...


check the file where i stripped it down to the essentials and fixed the orientation and scale values of the joint chain...  that might give you an idea what to watch out for if you want to do stuff like this.

WIMM - fixed.c4d

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