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Looking to get more control and true strokes...

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 Hi guys! I'm finally getting the sculpting tools a ride. I've been a zBrush sculptor for almost two years and I honestly cannot say anything bad about zBrush...BUT, I'm hoping to find a use for the C4D sculpting tools....more as a finishing tool set to smooth and add some simple surface tone instead of using them as my core sculpting set. That said, I keep utilizing zBrush shortcuts/hotkeys and think that I may go ahead and remap ALL of the sculpting functions to keys that are easiest for me to recall on the fly, so...

 I'm looking for a "repeat last function/stroke" for C4D. In zBrush, when you get the stroke path correct to your liking, you can simply hit the #1 key and the last sculpt stroke is repeated over the previous path. Now, I cannot find that function anywhere in the manual, but I saw user "everfresh" do exactly that with some kind of hotkey. Does anyone have any info on how that was done, or where I can find that function in the interface?


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There is no button to repeat your last stroke.  But what you could do is draw a spline on the surface and use that with snapping to draw your stroke onto the surface. And I think... you might be able to double click (or right click, or something) to apply it to the line as well. I am a bit foggy on it these days, but I do think drawing/snapping to splines drawn on the surface will do what you want. But you will need to draw, undo, draw, undo until you have the look you want. Then double click a few times to apply it over and over to get the final look you are after. 


I also have a "Duplicate Sculpt Layer" command in my own plugins (https://www.plugins4d.com/sculptpack) which you could use to draw your strokes onto one layer, then duplicate the layer to add the same effect again. When you are done you can merge the layers together.


You might also be interested in this video I made a couple of years ago, since I made it to help out users coming from zbrush 


If there are any features for sculpt brushes in zbrush that that you would like to have in C4D then just let me know. I really should get back into making more brushes and features for people.



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Thanks so very much! I suppose that EverFresh has a plugin or created some kind of script, because in his tutorial on general sculpting of stylized characters, he uses a hotkey to repeat the function...but I can't spend any more cash without my wife kicking me out! I'll try your method and see if I can get this done!

Thank you!

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