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Daddy's Little IRON GIRL!

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I hope all the dads out there had a great Father’s Day this past weekend!

Daddy’s little girl got her first glimpse at her future superhero life!

A little mini VFX shot I made over the weekend, animated in cinema 4d, and rendered in octane!

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14 hours ago, CApruzzese said:

Those doors really look integrated, they could be real! 

Thanks man! I take an panoramic of the room so it’s lit correctly then I made a few cubes for reflections! Simple but worked out nice.

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  • Igor changed the title to Daddy's Little IRON GIRL!

I love it.  They just keep get better and better.....


You are like the "Beeple" of animation/compositing/VFX work...


What a neat legacy of memories you are creating, especially if you keep going as she get's older.  Just imagine 20+ years from now when you have all those animations  playing on a continuous loop (via holographic projection of course) during some major event in your daughters life (graduation, wedding, etc).



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