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Help with rigid and soft body dynamics on a sliced cylinder

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im sorry if this is not in the correct topic. I'm looking for help with a dynamics issue, i'm modelling and animating a macarons factory, i got this part where a cutter blade slices a cylinder, these are two cylinders with the bend deformer to create a "falling effect".

So, what im trying to do is, at the moment the slice hit a conveyor belt, it follows this belt to another area, I tried to use collider tags in the cutter blade and the conveyor belt, and a rigid body tag to the slices, in the end, it just falls to the belt and kind of followed through, but the second slice falls at the same time as the first one, and they dont have this "bend" effect anymore.

Here is a small video of what i have so far.  🙂 Hope someone can help me with this. Thanks!! 😄




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Always upload your .c4d file with a question such as this. Without it we are unable to see the specifics of your setup, which makes it very difficult and protracted to help with.



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