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MoGraph Cloner blending lofted splines?

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Hello, I'm just beginning to learn C4D and I'm having trouble getting the MoGraph Cloner to blend lofted splines. The blend is working great with primitive objects, not sure how to solve this? Suggestions would be welcome!

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Just to clarify, if I am just using the Cloner's blend option to blend the splines alone, without the loft, it works. But once I apply the loft to the splines, the blend effect seems to null out. 

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Also you should upload the c4d file so that we have a clear understanding of your entire setup. 



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Blend mode could be used on parametric primitive objects/splines (the best result with the same pointcount)/polygonal objects (the best result with the same pointcount)...

So, not for generators (what is not really true since SDS works just fine, but let´s say it´s more deformer than generator)

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Not entirely sure what your after here as you mention a loft, but in this set up you have your extrude direction possibly going the wrong way and thus making your objects flat, as in the grab below. I think you have movement on Z when you appear to need it on Y. Once you change that for both extrude objects ( not lofts ) you end up with something like the purple grab below, but dunno if that's what your after.



Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 08.36.13.png

Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 08.35.12.png

Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 08.36.01.png

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Thank you for your responses & suggestions. I'll check my extrude directions and see what happens. That second screen grab looks like what I'm going for. I haven't quite gotten to effectors but will try that too once I get there. Thanks!

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