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Hello everyone!

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Hi everyone, I'm Sol! I'm new to C4D - actually this is my first time learning any creative software. I usually do ceramics, so this is intimidating. But glad to be here! 🙂

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Hello and welcome to all... this... 🙂


3D is intimidating in general, but Cinema makes it just about as intuitive as something so complex can be. However, there is still an absolutely vast amount to learn, so good to get started 🙂 Fortunately there are lots of good tutorials online, not least those you get with Cineversity or on Youtube, and we are here to help with specific questions for which you struggle to find answers elsewhere...


My suggestions are to start with tutorials on the interface in general before moving on to basic poly modelling tools, then textures, lighting, rendering, and lastly mograph, animation and all the peripheral areas, of which there are many... in fact there is enough here to keep you busy and learning for at least 10 years, so take it at your own pace, and learn the areas most important to you first. Spend a lot of time initially watching tutorials, but after a while 'doing' is much more important than watching.



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