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Hello everyone!

I'm stuck to create a good rotten apple: the goal is to create an animation from a good apple to a rotten one.
In order to do that I thought to use a deformer with a noise in the shading, and this is what I achieved so far
( apologies for the shadows, it's a threeJs load issue ):


But as you see it's not even close to a real rotten apple, I wondering if you have another idea, close to this one:



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Indeed there are no easy cheats for a surface that detailed and specific... EXCEPT if you can find a way to make multiple stacked displacement do it.

You'd need 3 displacer deformers, ordered from largest to smallest detail level, the first doing large scale crushing at low res, the middle one doing the main detail, and the 3rd one a close copy of that doing the overhangs that a single one alone can't achieve...


If that doesn't work and you have tried all the noises in all the distorters at all the scales, and have a fabulously high number of polys in your base mesh, then sculpting is really all that's left to you...



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Seems to me a simple way would be use this technique. Modify it to look more like the rot than wrinkles and really work the textures to sell it.

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