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Extruded object with texture looks weird

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I'm pretty new to C4D and I don't really know what the problem is or how I can fix it. I can't even think of a keyword to google it by my own. 

So I thought I try ask this here.

I created a spline that I extruded and rounded the caps of.

Now when I put a texture on it (image or just created noise in c4d) the texture on the shell gets "compressed". Everywhere else the texture looks correct to me. 

I am using UVW Mapping and every other projection method doesn't looks like I want it to be or solve my problem.
I think the problem describes itself by looking at my screenshot.


Sorry if I don't know the correct names for some things, I just started using Cinema 4D



Thank you very much.

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I don't see what you mean in that picture. We will need to see the scene file, so please get us the c4d file, and any bitmap images used in the textures, which you can do by choosing save with assets, zipping the new folder that creates, and uploading it here...



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