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Priority Issues with Instance

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Hey all,

I'm struggling a little bit here with a laggy instance, and have no idea how to fix the lag. I've played with all different kind of priorities, and each time I think I make sense of it, it makes it worse.

Basically, I am attaching my Rig A to spline B. 
Spline B is bent with a deformer (controlled via expresso), and the only way I found to make sure that Rig A sticks to it, is with a cloner/data node expresso (If you guys have a way to use the tag Align to Spline, pointing towards a deformed spline, please send that my way too ha) then followed with a PSR (so I can play with the constraint offset).

Up until this point, everything works with no lag.


But then, once I instance a spline out of my Rig A, tu use it in a Loft, the all too common one frame lag comes back. And I can't find a way to get rid of it.

The instance cannot be converted to render instance, or the Loft wont read it.


It sounds quite complicated like that, but I've attached the scene file and hopefully it will be clearer then.

It is part of a much more complex rig, and I've stripped it down to the maximum in the scene. 

Any help would be great!


Priority bug.c4d

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