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Cinema4D to AfterEffects Sketch Look

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Hey everyone,


I'm trying to find a tutorial that I watched like 3 years ago. Already tried finding it through the search funktion, but I had no luck.

Basically there's this guy explaining his workflow for a project he did (I believe it was something like birth control pills or such?!) 

and how he managed to achieve a certain look. This being a sketch and toon kinda look, without actually having to render it in C4D.

He sets up a basic scene in Cinema and brings it over to AfterEffects where he layers and comps it and then shows how fast you

can get results using this technique.


I know, my description is super vague, yet I hope someone will remember this video somehow.


Thanks so much!


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In AE when jou have a line drawing roughen edges and wiggle wil l render a neat distortion of the image. I you have vector paths you can use wiggle path too. Try animating the paper underneath it also with a little crumple.


here's alink to a ae tutorial https://youtu.be/I8-MwiPuzlI



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Hey Philip,

thanks so much for your response. This effect looks actually pretty close to what I was talking about.

Only thing is - I remember that in the tutorial I was talking about, the dude was showing a technique to give cinema4d

files the drawn look (just like the tutorial you posted but with c4d files instead).


Thanks so much for response, though!


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