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Making a rig to rotate 50 objects at same speed - but in different directions?

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Could anyone help me out with the following. 

- I have 50 objects under a null. The null is moving the objects up - but I also want them to all rotate slightly (the objects are spherical - this is a virus for medical animation - so direction of the rotation is not particularly important, only speed matching). 

- So instead of animating object after object, I would like to make an Xpresso Rig that - adds rotation to all objects - then adds variations per object so they're not all rotating in the same direction. 


I can almost imagine the rig using Noise > Multiply > Rotation 

Adding to that, is there a way to make this work without adding all 50 objects to a single xpresso rig? is there a way to "relative path" all the objects inside Xpresso? 



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Sounds like iteration - which is basically going through a list of objects and applying similar math to each sequentially. Since your objects are under a null, you can use a hierarchy node and point it at the parent null. The hierarchy null outputs each object once per frame and you use a specimen object and connect its object port. The specimen object 'becomes' each object in turn.


In this file I used noise and the object's index to give a different noise seed to each sphere. I'm not sure what exact rotation you want, but the principle's the same.


xp turn.c4d


There's probably a better mograph or fields method, but you asked for XPresso 😀

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