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Morph Tag Strength Multiplier

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Hello guys,


I am currently working on a character facial animation using motion capture. I have all my morph tags well set in C4D but some of them have a very low strength, even at 100% strength.

Is there a solution to increase that strength ? I am aware that the value can be increased over the 100% just by entering the value but the cursor is limitated to 100% and it is not very convenient when using keyframes.


Thanks a lot !


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You didnt mention if you have User Data Sliders?  The chances are you may have an expresso already in use in which all you have to do is pick the Range Mapper ad change the Output Upper to a higher percentage.  When the slider reaches 100% the morph could be at 400% if you choose.

The other way is to edit the User Data slider and increase the Max value past 100%.


Range Mapper



Math node:

Math multiply.jpg


See file attachment.



Range mapper stronger morphs.c4d

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