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Turbulence FD Discount

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Hey everyone,


Was thinking of getting Turbulence FD, but every time I check...no discount for that product. Has there ever been a discount for Tubulence FD, is there one coming up? I mean I'll bite the bullet and go for it, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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TFD is a great program but in all the years that I have been using that program (since 2012) I have never seen a sale.  




That program is faithfully supported with a constant set of updates all free of charge.  In short, you pay once and then never pay again for maintenance contracts or new licenses for future C4D versions.  To me, that is a deal.  Here is a quick snapshot of all there updates over the years (not sure why I save them...it must be the process engineer in me - we tend to be pack rats and document everything):



So in the long run, TFD is a pretty good deal.  Pay for it once and never pay again.  Not sure how Jawset stays in business over all these years unless their user base just keeps growing, but with that model you can clearly  understand why they never have a sale.


With that said, there is a rumor that a MAJOR  release is coming from Jawset.  Not sure what, but it sounds like a stand alone  simulation program (which most likely still supports C4D).  No idea of dates but it does make sense as TFD has been at Version 1 status as long as I have used it with no significantly NEW features (like liquids, flow field visualizations, built in particle systems, etc) other than refinements, speed increases and the ability to work with other plugins as they get updated (eg. X-Particles).


I mention that ONLY because I have no idea how Jawset will handle the release of that new program/version with their existing customer base -- especially considering (as you noticed) they never offer a sale.  But then again, no guidance either on whether you should wait or not.  Hey, it has been over 8 years after all. 


Final point being....better to know now than not know.  



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2 hours ago, Igor said:

Why not trying xParticles?

 I did get X particles during their sale recently, but to be completely honest, I haven’t touched it yet, since I’m still learning Cinema 4d, just learned Cycles 4d, and on top of that, I just got Redshift and I’m learning that too. X Particles will just overload my brain right now.


That being said, I played with the demo of Turbulence FD, and even though you can create really cool effects, it’s not that hard to setup, so while learning all these new stuff, TFD won’t be so much of a learning curve I think. 

When I get to X particles, hopefully my knowledge of TFD will carry over.


sidenote:There aren’t a lot of explosive tuts for x particles



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@3D-Pangel Thank you for your breakdown, this is something I will most definitely add to my arsenal. It looks like a fun program, to me Cinema 4D is just one big expensive open world video game, with DLC, and its own it’s worth the money.

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3 hours ago, BuddaZero said:

@3D-Pangel Thank you for your breakdown, this is something I will most definitely add to my arsenal. It looks like a fun program, to me Cinema 4D is just one big expensive open world video game, with DLC, and its own it’s worth the money.

You are welcome.


Now...let me confuse you some more.


Do not be intimidated by X-Particles.  I can understand your reluctance to get X-Particles because it is just a massively huge program only because it does so much: particles, fluids, smoke, cloth, volume breaking, volume rendering, grains, dynamics and multi-physics where one physical simulation affects another simulation (like a stream of water hitting a blanket and the cloth simulation on the blanket reacts to the fluid simulation and the fluid simulation in turn reacts to the cloth simulation).  


On the plus side, XP is very modular.  You don't need to learn EVERY part of the program and can easily get amazing smoke effects with just as much ease as you could get from TFD.  The only advantage of TFD is that it has its own build in renderer whereas XP really works best with Cycles 4D if you are looking for volumetric rendering.  


BUT....you have Redshift which is a much better and faster render engine than Cycles 4D and it can do volume rendering as well. 


Now, XP is almost twice the cost of TFD ($769 USD vs $469 USD) but that additional $300 gets you about 5 more simulation packages (fluids, grains, cloth, volume breaking, and particles) which all work together!  Now, you do have to pay an annual maintenance, but XP just keeps growing!  I would be hard pressed to find any current XP user who does not feel that they are getting their money's worth from their maintenance plan.


Now let's talk about XP training.  Bob Walmsley is a tremendous teacher.  He is the Hrvoje of Insydium.  Clear, concise and he takes you through all the traps and pitfalls that you may encounter when using the program ("So why did nothing happen?") and then explains how to get the program to do what you wanted it to do, why it didn't work the first time and the logic behind it all (which is the most important part).  His teaching just sticks.  Hear it once and you get it immediately.  In fact, I do most of my learning watching one of his tutorials while on the exercise bike.  I don't have C4D open...I just listen and it all sticks!  He's that good!


I have and love TFD....but I got it long before XP ever came out.  I am glad I have both as TFD is great to use if you need to add something quick without too much fuss.  Now if you want to do something truly amazing, you need to get XP.  Almost as powerful as Houdini and infinitely easier and more fun to use.



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TFD's major advantage over other simulation software on the market is TFD can simulate using the GPU. Embergen can do similar but it is not caching data to disk when simulating

GPU simulating can be up to 10x faster than the CPU, get an 11GB GPU and you would rarely need to use the CPU

If you go with TFD this should get you up to speed. Old video I made but the s/w has changed very little...er my son decided it was a good idea to add the green text !1 I cannot be ars*d to remove it.


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@3D-Pangel Those are some wise words, thank you. I actually have X particles & cycles 4D due to an awesome sale couple of weeks, for like $630. So trust I'll use it, and it may be sooner thanks to you.


One last question for everyone here, when I do buy TFD, do I get the single user, Volume, or the floating license? According to their site, if I get the Volume License, but in the future, lets say I upgrade to a new PC, I would have to buy a new license, since the one I bought is bound to the old pc, correct?

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Good question that requires Jawset to answer.  Jawset should allow you to link to a new machine within an existing license.  People do upgrade their hardware and hard drives do fail (I would assume that the MAC address of your hard drive is how your machine is identified to Jawset).  So they have to allow changes.  Question is though....how often.  Usually there is a set number of times you are allowed to link an existing license to a different machine or a set period of time between when you can change that hardware link within an existing license.  Usually, the limit is on the number of times you can change your hardware within an existing license as that is easier to control.


Whatever the control is, Jawset needs to protect themselves against users using a volume license like a floating license...and protect themselves from all the annoying user requests to make those changes.


If you do get an answer, please let us know.



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I will @3D-Pangel . And also to comment on X-Particles again, one thing I find intimidating is that every where I turn, there's a new new to the new feature of an X particles system, so its like I'm always getting left behind before I even start. I have access to Lynda.com for free thanks to a Library card. Which...if you didn't know, you can get free tuts on Lynda.com if you sign up for a library card. That said, there's a course for X-Particles essentials training, an d when I do that, I'll hop on to the matience training videos, and going from what you said, they seem pretty sweet.


And I know exactly what you mean by leaving him on the TV just to listen to him. To this day when I started as a VFX artist back in college, I still just have Andrew Kramer on the TV while having dinner. He was recently on MAXON showcasing a scene he did with his team. The dude is just awesome.

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