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Multiple Matrices Pyroclustersnot showing up at the same time (basic problem?)

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Hi all, 


I thought I actually solved this when I needed to use more than one matrix with a pyrocluster. Now I think I am just going around in circles and may have made things worse. 

I have one extrude being used in one matrix, a cloner in another and an actual object in another. I read before than you need to put cloners into matrixes because they sometimes can't read objects that don't have a physical mass? I think I may have read wrong but solved it, then moved on thinking it was done. I think I may have not actually solved it, just figured out a shortcut into a dead end. 

All I want to be able to do is understand how why this is happening, so any help with this specific problem, and some good tutorial suggestions would be good. 


Thanks Everyone, Ross


Just wondering if C4D cafe has had some problems? Because according the website this is my first post? It is definitely not.



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I think I needed to just stop working for a bit and go back to it. I was using way too many particles. I halved the amount I was using got the same results aesthetically and they all started working. 



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