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Cubic map not sticking through bend and twist deformers

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Hi.. Ive basically taken a landscape and am deforming it with a bend and twist.  Then Im rotating the geometry through the deformers.  


To get the look I wanted I had to parent the geo under a null and apply the deformers to teh null.  I think this is ultimately where the problem comes from, but I dont know how to bypass this part and still get the animation I want.  I am rotating the landscape before it receives the deformers rather than after.  Which is what would happen if I just place the deformers under the landscape


If I use the UV space the image texture I apply gets stretched out by the bend.


So I have set it to cubic and gotten something I like a lot on a still frame, but it swims when the animation happens.  When I try to use the pin texture tag it immediately stretches the texture out over the UVs.  Or atleast thats what appears to me to be happening


I cant figure out how to create my texture space after the deformers happen.  Or do I need to somehow bake out this animation and then create my UVs after that?


I attached a mockup scene since the original one was too large  You can see the with box projection it looks good but swims through the texture.  As soon as you apply pin texture or sticky texture tag to geo it stretches out again as though its going back through the initial UVs.


I tried generating new uvs and placing the texture all over.. Grouping inside different nulls.  Just cant crack it so was hoping someone here knew.


Thanks for any help. 




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You need "static" texture on deformed surface?

...or correctly deformed based on deformers?

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Yea a static texture on an object that was deformed.


Kind of like doing a UV map after all my deformers were applied.


I think it is tricky because I grouped the geo under a null and then applied the deformers to the null?  Im somewhat new to c4d so im not exactly sure how deformers work under the hood.


But basically I wanted to rotate this geo underneath the deformers.  When I just made the deformers a child of the geo the entire object rotated together rather than the geo rotating underneath the deformer.  I think this is what is causing the issue to arrise

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Ill just try to rephrase again as Ive done more experiments.


Is there a way to get the pin material tag to pin the material AFTER the deformer is applied rather than before?

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