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How to start in Cinema4D - Free Class

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If you want to start in C4D, use this link for FREE 3d Class



" Geometric Shapes in Cinema4D: Create you own 3D World"

Is perfect if you are not a Designer but you can do great composition.  

Use the link and watch the class completely free and get acces to all the course of Skillshare for 2months.

Here watch one lesson! 🙂



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evelingsalazar_/



In this class, we'll cover:

✯ Main tools of the C4D Interface.

✯ Find your Style

✯ References, style, and shapes.

✯ Patterns

✯ Creation of the stage: from geometric shapes.

✯ Composition: design principles: shapes, hierarchy, scale, rotation, direction. 

✯ Modelling Shapes.

✯ Lights: Light and Physical Sky.

✯ Background.

✯ Materials: Linear patterns •Metal material • Gradient material • Base color material • Glass material. 


✯ Camera settings.

✯ Physical render configuration .

✯ Post-work in Adobe Photoshop.

✯ Final Thoughs


Link of free class: https://skl.sh/3d3v0c3


☺ Thanks for reed! If you have any suggestion or comments, let me know! ☺  



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Thanks for sharing, I did not have time to look but I will definetly check it out tomorrow. Good luck with the series. :cowboypistol:

| MAXON Quality Assurance Specialist | 3D Asset Creator | C4D Cafe Manager |

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Great! Thank you!!

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Interesting series and the design aesthetic you have is perfect for getting new users comfortable with the program while having some success actually creating something they could be proud of.


....but if I may make a suggestion.  Do NOT use Skillshare's auto sub-title capability.  While you speak clear English (and quite well), if you are going to have Skillshare turn it into sub-titles, I think you need to talk a bit slower.  To put it bluntly, the sub-title translations are pretty funny:


Who is Cinema Freddie and why do we care what he learned?



A little confused here. Are you saying this course will improve my credit in New Jersey or "Cinema Freddies" credit in New Jersey?



We do not want to be racially insensitive during training, so why you are singling out 6 Jews from Missouri? 




So if I lie, you are going to mark what?????  Please leave those alone...but I can understand why they are being covered.😄


Good luck with the course!!!



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HAHAHA very funny! I don't have access to the subtitles, Skillshare adds it automatically. But thanks for letting me know. 😛

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