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I was wondering why I never see just one person making "shorts". Now I know..

In the end, the list of “necessary” fixes only got bigger. I had to ignore it in order to post this in a decant time frame.. It's t actually far from done.

I used C4D. No plugins or pre-made assets where used.

Yes I’m aware the bow is reversed, thought it looked cooler.
The character is a girl, sidekick of Fred.
While she can do magic, Fred just likes bananas.

tim-sprangers-draw-pose-4-poster2.thumb.jpg.52d1633ab4188d6d47b63d049d123686.jpg tim-sprangers-fred-dwaring-4-larger.thumb.jpg.9da500f31b2199463d946188f8ea093a.jpgtim-sprangers-fred-preset-short-movie.thumb.jpg.6e73082b100155434f6d28007fa1bafb.jpgtim-sprangers-fred-preset-profile.thumb.jpg.eaf5e0520d061cab9a7e436b14cfec98.jpg






You can follow me for more on:






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Wow that looks absolutely stunning, I am always surprised to see this level of feature film animation done in Cinema, but your film and the recent Coffee run short show that it is perfectly possible. Thanks for sharing!

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Wow....amazing.  I do appreciate the amount of work you put into those 6 seconds and can therefore understand your first comment: "Now I know why just 1 person does not make shorts"


Not sure what you have planned, but I hope that the lighting, modeling, texturing and rigging (which you did to an outstanding level of perfection) were the lions share of the work that needed to be done.  Hopefully, the rest of the work (animating?) goes quicker and therefore keeps your interest and energy level high so that we benefit from seeing more.


So please don't be discouraged!  I personally can't wait to see what comes next!



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@Igor and @southpaw

Thank you for letting me know and the kind words!


And @3D-Pangel

Wow, that might be the most motivating comment I have ever gotten! 

I was ‘in the midst of weather or not’ to continue, but you might have just convinced me to do another one 😉


Thank you all again for letting me know. It means a lot 🙂

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Out of interest, how long did this take you roughly? I feel like it would need at least one and a half month of work on this, doing nothing else, but maybe it is even more? I can't really judge well because I am relying on a lot of other programs in addition to C4D, so if you would ask me to do the texturing in bodypaint instead of Substance Painter or the UVs without Rizom, I just wouldn't be able to do it.

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The first file save was 4 weeks ago from today. Most of the time went into rigging, cloth simulations and particles. All these systems feel outdated but served the purpose. Except for the particle emitter I ditch that and draw them in by hand...  Animating a sphere over a spline.


(Far from ideal, but fast)


Modeling texturing and rendering went fast, I hardly took time to “revisit” any.


As for the texturing, I like body paint unfortunately it’s been getting worse with each new edition of C4D.


I’ve briefly played around in substance painter, but there wasn’t much to texture, a simple fabric bump and some stitches did the trick. There is a small piece of that in the “making of” video.


I should work with more software “for better results”. If I had to choose I would probably learn Houdini. And then switch completely😅 


Yes, doing UV’s in C4D sucks. I relax using an edge selection but this never gives me symmetrical results, I then have to copy, delete, and flip.

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Haha that is a great way to fake a particle sim 😄

Wow ok so it went faster than I thought. Yes I always feel like UVing in Cinema would take me a week already - but fortunately with S22 this problem has been mostly solved (though I haven't tried it yet myself)

For the animation part I can really recommend you the animtools plugin (in case you don't use it already), it makes animating really nice in Cinema, as character animation had always been one of the biggest pains in C4D for me before (it has tweening, holds and timeline enhancement options), so if you want to play a little more with the characters and animate a lot faster, I can not recommend it enough


With Houdini I have always hit a brick wall, but I guess I'm just not patient enough :3

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Well done, quality work, and yes its a huge task and anyone can only understand when they go through it, it really is a team work thing if you want to have a life outside CG.  The physical looking bones in the mesh, what are these, I see these in Maya riggs and wonder what their purpose is in the rigging process, are they guides for placing joints?



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Thank you!

I reused and tweaked bones from another mesh as guidelines. I'm relatively new to rigging and it tends to help me understand it, especially around the hip and shoulder area.

So yes, mainly use it to find the right placement for joints 🙂

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