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C4D Cafe 3.0 || NEWS, FEEDBACK

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Hi everyone

I am happy to annouce that we started working toward C4D Cafe 3.0. This time we gonna shake things a bit and we will escape from old color scheme. Due to being so dark, some members had issues with visibility and I can only say, I noticed the same issues too once I moved to a working space which is much more bright than I would usually prefer. So again, to try and make things better, this time we decided to try a different color scheme, but this time, we will also have a light theme which is only one click away in case you have trouble seeing forums on the default theme. 


In case you would like to try new theme, scroll to the bottom and under THEMES, select C4D Cafe 3.0. So far, we are not gonna switch to new theme as default, simply becasue IPS 4.5 is coming soon and there will be some changes. We aslo want to make things 100% right before we launch the new theme and new features. For now, some features still missing from an old theme, but we plan to implement those here too.


Also, due to trying bring C4D Cafe to a new level of look and feel, we will probably create a challenge for a new Logo design and header, but this time, hopefully with some nice rewards.



Due to some limitations, you might notice that the C4D Cafe 2.5 theme have few wrong color schemes. Have in mind we are going to have small issues like these, but nothing major, so please bare with us once again.


C4D Cafe Crew 

U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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Keep up the good work @Igor 😄

Finally the forum works once more! Thanks - it was nigh on unusable.

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3 minutes ago, Rectro said:

look forward to seeing the new colour themes.

Thanks Dan, you can already check it if you scroll to the bottom of the forums and click on THEMES. 🙂 


U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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40 minutes ago, Igor said:

Thanks Dan, you can already check it if you scroll to the bottom of the forums and click on THEMES. 🙂 


Thanks, I like the night and day mode, that very good option to have.

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Folks, just wanted to inform you that you should slowly start changing theme to Cafe 3.0 as we make further changes. Unfortunately some changes we are doing here for grater good have a bad impact on the home page and not much we can do. We want to do more in coming days so stay tuned and start switching and hopefully new features and additions will add a lot to the Cafe value. These addons are still hidden as we prepare them to be published but I think its gonna be worth of waiting. :cowboypistol:



U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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I'm loving the new theme @Igor! 

I haven't experienced a forum that allowed such control over the appearance before so this is really new to me.

I've been sticking to night mode 99% of the time. The darker font is ok to view on a screen outdoors here because Ireland is cloudy most of the time 😛 


The toolbar on the bottom of the screen is different. Is that something you think is customizable to choose have it on top or just one setting for that? Just sometimes when move cursor down (on Windows) it'll move down a bit too far and my taskbar will pop up. Not a complaint as it'll just mean adjusting to new experience. 


Just one thing I notice when click the Day Mode is some boxes stay in the default style. I'll post screenshot below of what I mean there




Awesome changes though! 

Really looking forward to all the new features you and the cafe team are bringing 🙌

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I'm still getting used to having all the profile and notifications stuff in a big bottom bar, but it is neater, and eventually I will stop looking at the top for it 🙂



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Don´t know, for me it´s harder to look thru notifications or messages since must role whole page to most bottom part. For me it was good on top of the page...

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