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Rail Cloner Jitter

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So, I am working on a hard surface fun project to add to my portfolio (I'm a 3D generalist), and a problem has come up where the cloner I am using to animate the chains has some just awful jitter. I have tried increasing the amount of points in the spline as well as changing the type of curve, but nothing seems to fix it. I also tried looking up tutorials, but nothing seems to fit this.

Below is a link to Sketchfab with the model.


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Nice models and textures you got there 🙂 .


But pls upload the .c4d file that shows us your chain setup, as it is quite difficult to know what is going wrong without any clue what that setup is...



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You can do the chain with one cloner and formula effector with modulo 2 to select every other link, and turn it by 90 deg.


mod(id;2) = 0


id is the clone index, modulo counts up to (but not including) 2 ie 0 1 0 1 0 1 etc



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