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Tutorial needed

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I want a tutorial that shows me how to create a high quality drink/beverage commercial in c4d including an external renderer.  I have an amd gpu(r9 380) so it cant be post produced in octane or redshift from what I have researched they only support nvidia.  Look forward to your responses

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That's an exceptionally vague, general and wide-ranging request.


You will have to say which renderer you are using, and at the very minimum provide a link to an example of the sort of advert you are looking to produce.

Also you should be clear about if you are asking if we know of any pre-existing tutorials (paid or otherwise) or if you are expecting / wanting somebody to make you one. If it is the latter you should expect  that to be chargeable, because a tutorial that covers everything from modelling to texturing to lighting to 3rd party rendering to post production is likely to be at least 8 hours long, and take about a week to make and edit ! Surely you can't be expecting anyone to do that for free ?



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Thanks for your reply. I cant say the renderer because I dont know if there are any external renderers as good as the two I mentioned thats supports an amd gpu.    I also never stated I wanted a free tutorial. For an example here is a link youtube.com/watch?v=eOFQG095fYI

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There are not many engines that support AMD GPUs. The sad reality is that CUDA has the monopoly on that, so you either need to get an NVidia GPU or live with whatever renders you can find.


The only ones I know of are ProRender (integrated in C4D) and Cycles. There are probably more though. If you want to use the big boys though you'll need an NVidia GPU.

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Personally I think the render engine and graphics card are the least of your worries. Putting together the scene i.e. modelling, animating and lighting are your biggest issues.


BTW I get stellar performance with my nVidia RTX2070 GPU. Great for GPU rendering.

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