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Text Dynamic Intersect

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That looks like a standard soft body setup to me. So the key here is to make your letters out of quite low poly geometry, but that which is suitable for deformation, that is to say made of evenly distributed clean quad polygons. Now, back in R19 you don't have delaunay caps options in text objects which are normally instrumental in achieving this type of topology, so perhaps the best solution here is to manually model your text from polygons, especially given that it is such simple shapes. Failing that using quad / grid caps is probably the best you can do without doing it manually.


After that, you just need to animate the text so it collides with other letters, further constrained by a number of invisible-to-render dynamic collider objects that keep it where you need it to be and not skidding off to the sides. The eyes you could make as separate model constrained to the surface of the letter, possibly using a clamp constraint.









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