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R21 : XRef with Alembic files - subsequent pop-ups

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What is the recommended way to XRef alembic files ?

I use Create->XRef->"XRef Add..."

I was able to load the Alembic files into my scene. It pop up a Alembic Settings so I thought maybe this is to be expected.

I thought it was working so I started creating a few more XRef

I then proceeded to save the C4D file as normal.

I discover later that when I re-open my save C4D file, I get one "Alembic Settings" pop up for every XRef file I have which is now making my scene for subsequent artists who are continuing to work on the C4D file.


Question : Am I XRef'ing Alembic files wrongly or is this a known problem with my R21 version of C4D on Windows ?

Question : How do I silence the Alembic Settings pop up ?

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