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[solved] TurbulenceFD & Arnold with alpha

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Hi everyone, I have been stuck on a problem for a few days and cannot find a solution. Maybe you can help me.


I did a simulation with TurbulenceFD. It works as I want, except at the time of rendering, with Arnold. When I start rendering with the alpha channel, my fire simulation disappears. Any idea ? 

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What exactly do you mean with the alpha channel? Did you set up a layer node with alphas as layer masks? Or do you mean an AOV output? Or a transparency "alpha" within the arnold volume? Or something entirely else?

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No i didnt set up a layer node or mask. I think i mess up something in the transparency in the arnold volume. 


This is the look that i want. When i import that in After Effect, i only have the dragon, not the fire. 



Here is my standard volume settings with the AOV Alpha1050337076_Annotation2020-07-01152443.thumb.png.ad075be0334d1dcbbe4684fad737ea1f.png


If i try to change Transparency Depth to 0.01, the alpha AOV shows up but the beauty display loose is fire look/colors. 


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Ok I would try to render out a seperate pass with the volume AOV (there are a few volume AOVs, try out which one works)

I think the alpha AOV from picture 2  does not see the complete volume itself, so you need to pass one with the dragon as custom AOV and one with the volume as a custom AOV and then merge both together in a second step

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Danke viel mal 😉


I played with the volume AOV and i found my mistake... My scattering channel was set to 1 😅

Problem solved, thank you for your time. 

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