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Animation capabilities in c4d

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I am very new to c4d and I was wondering how is cinemas rigging and animation of realistic characters compared to other software, Its something I would really like to get into, everywhere I looked, it seems that cinema4d is not really used for it, with both industry and indie, and that's why I am wondering If it's better to learn another piece of software and create a combined workflow, or if c4d is capable of doing the same things the other software on the market is doing?


Thank you very much!

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I would say while it is definitely possible to achieve the same results as in other software, Cinema is not the best for character animation in it's vanilla state. Though with some plugins (mostly Demusher, animtools, anitools and Nitropose) you can get pretty much on par with the other DCC apps. One thing that is a bit weak in C4D though is the animation layer system, it's UI is honestly pretty badly integrated and sometimes it's just buggy


You might want to take a look at Bomper Studios colin rig that is currently available for download and try around a bit with it, then you can see that great rigging is also possible in C4D, there are just not as many tutorial resources as for other apps


By now I am getting nice results in Cinema and I use it mostly because it offers a great deal of artistic freedom and ease of use and I prefer to do as much as possible in one software. You can definitely put Cinema (animationwise [with plugins]) on the same level as 3DSMAX, Blender or Houdini. But if you are really concentrated on character animation and this is basically the thing you focus on the most, then Maya is probably what you want to learn, not only because it offers a broad set of animation features but also because it can get you a job more easy as it is industry standard for character animation. And it has animbot, the most excessive plugin animation tool palette in the world



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It is generally accepted that Maya has the best character animation tools, but it is possible to make quality animation in any DCC if you have the right skills and experience... in a lot of cases the person doing it is more important than the tools they use to do so.



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Most users will hit their artistic skill limit way before the dcc ability limit 🙂 That applies for both realistic and stylised animation. 

It's definitely possible to do character animation in C4D. If you feel comfortable with C4D and don't intend to exclusively do character animation, then stick with it for now. Many of the things you'll learn will translate to other tools if you ever decide to move on. If, however, your goal is to become a professional character animator, then you might wanna switch to Maya right away as it is the de facto industry standard. 


Besides the mentioned bomper studios you can also check out everfresh's work. I think does most of his work in c4d:


And here is Orestis showing some character animation work at IBC:



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The classic tools are all there. The only problem there is is animation retargeting. In C4D your rigs need to have the same axis orientation to transfer motion between rigs otherwise you need manual constraining of the joints which is annoying. Maya especially shines here with HumanIK.


If you want high end vfx muscle simulation you are in problems with C4D too because the cloth simulation often used for it is broken for over a decade now and they don't care.

I work together with a Blender guy and I think C4D is way more advanced in character animation than blender. The NLA system is superior and the Mixamo Control Rig is great plus the best part is the character object. This is an animation of a former coworker of mine. The rigging and animation did not take longer than 2h becaus he used the char object with cmotion Integration:




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