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S22 Viewport Solo with Symmetry problem

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Just started transition to s22 from r21 and experiencing issues with "solo viewport" while working with symmetry. Objects does not dissapear from viewport, I can't select anything except supposed solo object. I must turn off symmetry every time I want solo object. This behavior looks like a bug.

Two screenshots attached from s22 and r21 for comparison.

S22 - all cubes still in viewport inspite "Viewport solo single" enabled.


R21 - expected behavior with "Viewport solo single", we can see only selected cube  with symmetry effect



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Can you please upload a scene file?

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I can confirm this is the case with S22.116 and that MAXON is already aware of this one. Hopefully a fix will be a long soon. But thanks for reporting...



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Added original file, where I encountered the problem, to first post. For screenshots I recreated the issue with cubes to be sure that the problem is repeatable.

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