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Help with modeling plastic lid/ribbing

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Hey all! 


I'm very new to C4D so there's lots of learning by doing happening rn, but I'm a little stuck. I'm working on packaging for a sports drink mix and am having lots of trouble modeling the lid. I've attached a reference photo- trying to get it close to this (inspo) but I'm getting really hung up on the ridges/ribbing (currentmodel) . Any tips or best practices for how this could be done? I've been looking everywhere for a good tutorial or explainer but haven't come accross any



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There are 2 normal strategies you could employ here, but neither are very taxing. One approach makes the base out of low geo subdivided topology and uses a cloner to clone ridges onto it. This is better for shots where the camera doesn't get too close, and the ridges are especially sharp and defined where they meet the lid... or you can go the proper modelling approach where you build as it is in the real world, from a single part. I will guide you more towards the latter, as proper modelling is usually the preferable way and this sort of thing is often seen in close-up.


Its actually a very simple object to make IF you start with the right primitives and the right amount of rotational segments in them, which should be a lot more than you would normally start with....


So you need to find out how many ridges there are ( I usually count the number in say a quarter of it, then x4). Then we need to notice that the spacing between the ridges is roughly equivalent to 2 ridge widths, so we need to account for that too. If we say there are 18 ridges in a quarter of the lid, then we need to x3 that to allow for inter ridge spacing, and then x4 it to get the total segment number we need. So start off with a disc (or cylinder) primitive with 216 radial segments and none vertically.


Now would be a good time to decide if you want to model all of it, or use either regular or radial symmetry to save yourself some time. I would save the maximum time by deleting all but 3 polygons (a ridge and a single ridge space either side of it) and then array that with 71 copies to get the final shape.

That way I only have to model a single ridge, and the array will auto handle the rest of them for me.


Is that enough of a push in the right direction, or do you need some additional steps ? I may have time to make you some step-by-steps later if that would be useful...



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    Thank you! Your steps make sense and I have my file set up with the 3 polygons you mention. 

    Maybe I'm being dense, but from here how do you recommend actually adding the one ridge? You mentioned using a cloner for the first option, but since the array is being applied I'm guessing I should just focus on the one? Possibly by extruding or beveling? 

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    Yes, just extrude the ridge poly like so...




    which should give you this when arrayed properly...




    Now we have some control loops we need to add to that to control the ridges under subdivision... use Loop cut tool for this....




    ...which will give this result under subdivision...




    At this point you would whack the array under a connect to join the segments, make that editable, and select the loop on the inside and ctrl-scale it inwards once before collapsing that to a single central point from which you can begin your cap topology....




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