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Pekka Varis

Duplicate object with time delay?

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Hi! I need to make a stream of boxes, visualazing a video stream. I have made a single box and used animation tag: align to spline. Here you can see the result, I animate the movement along my spline with position, marked red in the attached image.

Now I have problems trying to duplicate this box. I need to have constant stream of these boxes, like "marching ants" effect. If I put a cloner on the box I loose the movement = if I move the position slider marked red in my attachment, I get no more motion to the box.

Please help!  



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Please take care to post to the correct section, which is never 3D general discussion if it is a 'need help' question like this. Moved to Mograph Category.


Yep, that is not the best way of doing this. Instead, clone the box onto the spline using object mode, then animate cloner offset to get them to move along it. You shouldn't need AtS tag at all.



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    Thank you! Sorry about the wrong section 😕

    THe solution you gave me: clone the box onto the spline using object mode

    Is this the correct tutorial for me here:




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    Yes and no, but mainly no. He is using Object mode there, but not on a spline, and all the controls change if you drag a spline into the object field of the cloner. You shouldn't really need a tutorial TBH - it's literally a 3 step process ! Make object child of cloner, Put cloner in Object mode, drag spline into object field ! Play with settings until you have distribution and number of clones you want - it's all very intuitive... 



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