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I have an animated scene. The animation is driven by dynamics and controlled over vertex maps. The vertex map is not applied to the animated object but to a cage. So the cage is animated and the real object is following. Only one part of the scene is animated through dynamics. The camera movement is animated with keyframes. The rest of the scene is static.

I figured out that, if I am just loading the static part of the scene everything is fine. That means the problem lays in my dynamic set up. Baking the dynamics did not help much.

My c4d is stuck just always. The Task Manger is showing the program as  “not responding”. What can I do ?


C4d: R21

Polygons: ca. 22.000

FileSize: 100MB

PC:Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, Intel core i7 9700K 3.60 GHZ, 32.0 GB Ram, Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 (8GB)

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9 minutes ago, AJWA said:

What can I do ?

Upload the file ? (via dropbox or similar) VERY difficult to try and gain a full understanding of your entire setup from those few words...



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    This is my project file. I uploaded it to wetransfe https://we.tl/t-wmmBgi1r25 


    Thanks a lot for checking it! 


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    My friend that is a horribly optimised scene, of the type that would grind the even the most capable and valiant systems to zero frame rate without some serious consideration paid in that department....


    Just opening the file has ground my system to a halt and essentially off-lined it for 30 mins while it tried to catch up. 


    It doesn't crash, and does get there eventually, but will continue to struggle until you fix the scene.


    Unfortunately I have a whole day of client work ahead of me, so don't have time to thoroughly advise or have my system offline any more (!) so I will give you these 3 general tips until I can get back later and give you specifics, if someone else doesn't beat me to it....


    1. Set scene Level of Detail to Low.

    2. Set any cloners you can to use multi instances or render instances. And / or turn cloner numbers right down until final render.

    3. Turn dynamics off altogether all the time you are not specifically working on that aspect of the scene.



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    Thanks for trying!


    1. I changed the level of Detail to low already.

    2. All Cloners are already set to render instances, too.

    3. The dynamics are on.  I  baked them, but it did not help. If I opening them in a differnet file they working just fine, they even render in around 20 sec. (Standart Render C4d)

    4. If I am opening the other geometry in another file it is just fine, too. 

    5. The problem comes when I am combining both files. Probably I should have made the fracture object animation inside a proxy set up. But until now, I have very little knowledge about how to do this. 


    Thanks for your time! 



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