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How to achieve a hexagonal dome.

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I am currently trying to make a sort of dome made up of hexagonal segments.


The only way I can currently think of is with some modifiers, but I know that is not nearly the same, nor a correct result/technique.


I am not trying to achieve a full sphere, just a hemisphere.

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Can you upload your scene so we can see where you are stuck? 🙂 

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Shoot. I was hoping no one would ask for the scene haha. I closed it out without saving since I hadn't really done much worth saving. I'll redo it real quick. What I did: used a cloner on a hexagon in a honeycomb array, then I used the Shrink Wrap modifier over a sphere.


I am hoping someone can tell me a better, more proper method to create such a model, as this technique is just messy and unpleasant.



Attached the scene.


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Ah ha! So that's the trick, I needed to subdivide that sphere.


Those videos were perfect.

Thank you!

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